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Interview @ Radio ARA Luxemburg

26.02.2017  Stormage News


26.02.2017 Interview @ Radio

ARA Luxemburg

15.30 Uhr - 16.00 Uhr

national Frequenz 102,9


New teaser "Album Release Party"

15.02.2017  Stormage News

Album release teaser out now


New video "The Deadly Blow"

15.02.2017  Stormage News

The Deadly Blow video out now


Album release party

10.02.2017  Stormage News

Album release party @ Ohler Saal Plettenberg




Plettenberg @

Süderländer Tageblatt // Zweirad Meyer // Plettendorff - Buchhandlung


Attendorn @

Rathaus Attendorn,


Finnentrop @

Fitness Studio Body Gym


online @


Album release teaser

03.02.2017  Stormage News

The album "Dead Of Night" will be released March 24th on Massacre Records



Announce new Drummer

01.02.2017  Stormage News

New Stormage Drummer is VASILEIOS (BILLY) GEORGIOU


Coverdetails for the upcoming album

30.10.2016  Stormage News

Stormage release a picture from the new album is called "Dead Of Night"


New CD @





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